The platform for the new television industry.
OKTV is the ideal TV platform for the new television industry. Specially designed for Internet Service Providers (ISP) with the need to cover the television market’s demand, and Cable operators willing to update their existing “RF-based” TV platform into a state-of-the-art IPTV/OTT.
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We just keep it simple!
With OKTV, any ISP/CableTV operator will be able to offer TV services based on IPTV/OTT format with a short time and low overall costs.
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We've got you covered!
From content to the final user’s app, we will design the entire solution and propose the best way to deploy your TV services according to your infrastructure, networks, location, and market needs among other considerations. We are committed to your success!
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OKtv workflow
All start with content, this is the product that users ask for. National channels go first, being 80% of the average audience in any free country. Then your service will need an informational channel to keep your subscribers informed about new services, promotions, and many others. Then the offer may be complemented with some “rights free” channels and keep adding more “subscription-based” channels gradually as the business grows. Visit our content catalog at Platcon.TV
This is key for a successful platform, We offer HeadEndX for content reception, preparation, and delivery to users. Normally, a regular computer will do the job, more servers or a bigger one may be required according to the number of channels and users.
Some special configuration has to be done on the operator's network to optimize and route the video streaming signals properly. We offer consulting and support during this process. The best part of these configurations is that the user will not consume Internet bandwidth!
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OKTV is a complete platform that includes a Cloud-Based panel for service management, content, and users, as well as applications for a wide variety of brands (Android, Roku, SmartTV, mobile, etc.). Our apps are available as Whitelabel, so your service may have its own branded app on the Online Stores.
Simple, Powerful, Affordable
OKTV allows any operator to start its TV services regardless of the size or financial capabilities. OKTV is a platform as a service (PAAS) based on the OPEX model and low entry costs. Easy to use and operate, with no need for highly trained personnel, so your team will handle it in a short period of time and effort with our support.
The platform for the new television industry.
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